Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Yoga and Pregnancy.

I have a yoga problem: my new home that is brimming with wedded bliss is not very close to any yoga. And I need yoga in my life.

A sweet friend of mine is going to send me some a book of yoga for pregnancy, which has me totally thrilled because the suggestions for yoga during pregnancy are confusing.

Some people say you can do almost everything you used to do before you were pregnant. Others say that you should avoid deep twists, laying on your back, inversions, boat pose and all other abdominal exercises, breath retention, and anything that causes you to put pressure on your abdomen.

I am looking forward to a little clarification, and in the meantime I am being EXTREMELY conservative. Glorified stretching with ujjie breathing. Doing even a little definitely helps the pain in my hips at night... so I think I'll rush home tonight and see if I can catch the Namaste Yoga on FitTV.