Monday, February 11, 2008

The end of my yoga experiment...

I have been working for a yoga company for the last four months. It was an attempt to do two things:

1- Generate $1500 revenue to donate to a new foundation
2- Increase my knowledge of the yoga offerings in the city
3- Allow me enough extra income to submit my graduate school applications and maintain my current lifestyle.

Unfortunately, these were the results:

1- I didn't even approach $1500 in earnings, let alone savings.
2- I was seriously injured twice, racking up $500 in yoga-related doctors bills
3- I spent $600 on clothing that neither I nor my family needed
4- I put off my graduate school application another year.
5- I took 4 sick days for yoga-related injuries and 4 vacation days for trainings.

Lessons learned:

1- I love yoga.
2- I need to come up with some other way to make money.
3- I play well with others (and I love my new yoga friends.)